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HB2 Whining Marks McCrory’s Departure

Roy Cooper was sworn in as Governor of North Carolina early this morning and thus Pat McCrory was sworn out. Upon his departure he posted a YouTube video reflecting on

NC Media Loves KKK Stories to Use Against Trump

The media has developed an infatuation with the activities of the insignificant KKK, as the Wall Street Journal‘s Jason Riley explained a couple of weeks ago: Since when does a

Teacher Fired in Johnston Co. for Texting Student; Hired in Sampson Co.

WRAL has video reports (for some reason, no text articles, which appear to be taken down) up this week about a former Johnston County middle school teacher who resigned during

Maybe the NC Republicans Are Finally Getting It

Last week WRAL-TV published a summarization of the gubernatorial race between Republican incumbent Pat McCrory and Democrat challenger, Attorney General Roy Cooper. Reporter Mark “Binky” Binker covered all the usual

The Lies of WRAL and the Charlotte Business Journal

Yesterday I told you about WRAL‘s sick fixation on making a “brand” out of the Charlotte City Council’s desire to let grown men in the Little Girls’ Room with the

WRAL’s Sick Fixation on Creating an NC Men-in-Ladies’-Room ‘Brand’

WRAL.com, purveyor of “Capitol Broadcasting Company” (parent of the station) house editorials on its home page, unlike any other local television station — probably anywhere in the country — has

WRAL Doesn’t Disclose Political Contributions by Jim Goodmon in Debate

The governor’s debate last night on WRAL between incumbent Republican Pat McCrory and Democrat challenger Roy Cooper produced no extended liberal attack from moderators David Crabtree and Laura Leslie. You

No Transparency, No Disclosure in WRAL Editorial

I’m not about to respond to every editorial that radical Leftist Seth Effron produces for WRAL, but on the eve of the gubernatorial debate they are about to host, the

WHOSE Campaign Is Violent?

From WNCN: The Republican Party headquarters in Orange County was vandalized and a fire started overnight Saturday, Hillsborough Police said Sunday afternoon. The building at 347 Ja-Max Drive was hit

Stupid Republicans Keep Agreeing to Liberal Moderators

We’ve seen it over and over again in years past in presidential debates, and again this year with the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: Liberal media moderators like

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