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HB2 Whining Marks McCrory’s Departure

Roy Cooper was sworn in as Governor of North Carolina early this morning and thus Pat McCrory was sworn out. Upon his departure he posted a YouTube video reflecting on

I Agree With Pete Kaliner

Now that Gov. McCrory has conceded the race and Roy Cooper, the Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC have “caught the bus,” Asheville talk radio host Pete Kaliner says they

Militant Gay Groups’ Assessment of McCrory Election Loss is Garbage

Since Gov. Pat McCrory lost to Roy Cooper on Election Day, the pro-homosexuality rights activists who invested heavily to take him down have predictably claimed credit, attributing his defeat to

Maybe the NC Republicans Are Finally Getting It

Last week WRAL-TV published a summarization of the gubernatorial race between Republican incumbent Pat McCrory and Democrat challenger, Attorney General Roy Cooper. Reporter Mark “Binky” Binker covered all the usual

WRAL Doesn’t Disclose Political Contributions by Jim Goodmon in Debate

The governor’s debate last night on WRAL between incumbent Republican Pat McCrory and Democrat challenger Roy Cooper produced no extended liberal attack from moderators David Crabtree and Laura Leslie. You

No Transparency, No Disclosure in WRAL Editorial

I’m not about to respond to every editorial that radical Leftist Seth Effron produces for WRAL, but on the eve of the gubernatorial debate they are about to host, the