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HB2 Whining Marks McCrory’s Departure

Roy Cooper was sworn in as Governor of North Carolina early this morning and thus Pat McCrory was sworn out. Upon his departure he posted a YouTube video reflecting on

NC State Alumnus Blasts Woodson Over Hidden ACC Vote

This is Part Three in a series. Read Part One of this series here. Read Part Two here. Read Part Four here. After Chancellors Carol Folt and Randy Woodson voted on

UNC, NC State Chancellors Snub Public, Donors About ACC Vote

This is Part One in a series. Read Part Two here. Read Part Three here. Read Part Four here. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt and North Carolina State University Chancellor

NC Media Loves KKK Stories to Use Against Trump

The media has developed an infatuation with the activities of the insignificant KKK, as the Wall Street Journal‘s Jason Riley explained a couple of weeks ago: Since when does a

Maybe the NC Republicans Are Finally Getting It

Last week WRAL-TV published a summarization of the gubernatorial race between Republican incumbent Pat McCrory and Democrat challenger, Attorney General Roy Cooper. Reporter Mark “Binky” Binker covered all the usual

Finally, a Republican Gets Smart

The North Carolina mainstream media are merely extensions of political campaigns for Democratic candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Deborah Ross (Senate), Roy Cooper (governor), and others. As I’ve mentioned in the