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NC State PR Flacks Were Concerned About Appearing to Support HB2

This is Part Two in a series. Read Part One here. Read Part Three here. Read Part Four here. As top level officials and the communications teams at University of North Carolina at

UNC, NC State Chancellors Snub Public, Donors About ACC Vote

This is Part One in a series. Read Part Two here. Read Part Three here. Read Part Four here. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt and North Carolina State University Chancellor

I Agree With Pete Kaliner

Now that Gov. McCrory has conceded the race and Roy Cooper, the Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC have “caught the bus,” Asheville talk radio host Pete Kaliner says they

Militant Gay Groups’ Assessment of McCrory Election Loss is Garbage

Since Gov. Pat McCrory lost to Roy Cooper on Election Day, the pro-homosexuality rights activists who invested heavily to take him down have predictably claimed credit, attributing his defeat to

Will PayPal, Salesforce Be Back to Fight in NC Again?

Earlier this month the liberal news and culture site Buzzfeed reported that two Silicon Valley tech companies, which were at the center of an economic protest against North Carolina’s HB2

The Chesser Files Cited in National Review Online

In a piece published on National Review Online on Tuesday, columnist Deroy Murdock takes NC Attorney General Roy Cooper and Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts to task for calling in political

Maybe the NC Republicans Are Finally Getting It

Last week WRAL-TV published a summarization of the gubernatorial race between Republican incumbent Pat McCrory and Democrat challenger, Attorney General Roy Cooper. Reporter Mark “Binky” Binker covered all the usual

The Lies of WRAL and the Charlotte Business Journal

Yesterday I told you about WRAL‘s sick fixation on making a “brand” out of the Charlotte City Council’s desire to let grown men in the Little Girls’ Room with the

WRAL’s Sick Fixation on Creating an NC Men-in-Ladies’-Room ‘Brand’

WRAL.com, purveyor of “Capitol Broadcasting Company” (parent of the station) house editorials on its home page, unlike any other local television station — probably anywhere in the country — has

Republican Charlotte Lawyer Has No Use for ‘Rednecks’

Among the thousands of emails pertaining to HB2 released to the McClatchy newspapers by Governor McCrory was this missive from Charlotte real estate attorney Robert Turner, who complained about the