McCrory Should Demand Debate Be Moved From WRAL

By most accounts I’ve seen and heard, Gov. Pat McCrory did well in his debate earlier this week against challenger Roy Cooper (that’s right, I didn’t watch). Even The Daily Haymaker,

Folt, Woodson Must Reveal ACC Votes on HB2 Issue

Today The Chesser Files called for UNC Chancellor Carol Folt and NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson to reveal how they voted on the ACC Council of Presidents’ decision to remove all neutral site

Stupid Republicans Keep Agreeing to Liberal Moderators

We’ve seen it over and over again in years past in presidential debates, and again this year with the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: Liberal media moderators like

Does Asheville TV Reporter Want Urine Jars Sent to McCrory?

Images courtesy Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. WLOS, the ABC affiliate in Asheville, employs a radical left-wing activist as a supposed objective journalist. Among the provocative social media statements that reporter Jennifer Saylor

WHO Did You Say Requires Voter ID?

The North Carolina chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and its local groups have been the most ardent opponents to the requirement that voters show photo identification

WUNC Propaganda Machine in Overdrive on HB2

The Left, and by extension the droning media nonprofit that is NPR/WUNC, recently filed a report to sustain the false “HB2-is-killing-the-economy” narrative. It is, after all, a presidential/senatorial/gubernatorial election year,

About WRAL’s House Editorials

How many local television stations do you know of, anywhere in the country, that regularly post editorials just like newspapers? Not many – if any – right? Yet that’s what