The Morality of HB2? Our Upstanding Economists Weigh In

The Morality of HB2? Our Upstanding Economists Weigh In

I don’t know about you, but when I seek guidance on moral issues when it comes to right and wrong, I look to those who are studied in the authoritative words of the Bible, or scholars who analyze the timeless ethical questions.

As for economists employed by tenure-protecting universities — or by mega-banks that worship at the altar of the mighty dollar to the point where they project transgender colors on their skyscrapers if it will make them an extra buck — not so much.

Nonetheless those are the standard-bearers who were upheld as the paragons of propriety by the media last week, at an annual economic forecast event co-sponsored by the North Carolina Chamber and the North Carolina Bankers Association. Rather than just stick to the issues of what makes the economy tick, we also had to hear about how awful House Bill 2 was, and how much money it was costing the state in commerce just to keep men out of our little girls’ rooms.

First we heard from economist Mark Vitner (in photo above) of Wells Fargo, the bank that famously lit up the Duke Energy Center in Charlotte with the colors of the transgender flag last year. He said of HB2:

This is just terrible publicity for our state. I don’t think we’re in danger of sliding so far that we’ll be the bottom of the heap in the South, but this is a real stain on the state that we need to put past us.

This corporate moral giant saw its CEO John Stumpf forced out at the end of 2016 after a scandal in which the bank forced employees to open accounts for customers without them knowing about it. So Vitner and Wells Fargo are definitely who you want to hear from about right and wrong.

Harry Davis, Appalachian State U.

Harry Davis, Appalachian State U.

Next on the subject of HB2 was the economist for the North Carolina Bankers Association, Appalachian State University professor Harry Davis:

There’s nothing positive about it for the economy. It will only become a greater issue as we go forward. That whole issue will only get worse. It can’t get better.

It’s understandable that the bankers’ “expert” would be upset that companies like Deutsche Bank and PayPal spurned North Carolina when the state refused to succumb to LGBT bullying by Human Rights Campaign and several corporations. After all, it’s all about the dollar, so the banksters are missing out on a lot of the bullies’ “investment.”


John Connaughton

Finally we have old standby John Connaughton of UNC-Charlotte, another media favorite, who is the guy you go to when you want one of those fraudulent “economic impact” studies to justify your taxpayer-funded stadium or arena. He said of HB2:

HB2 has already done the damage, and it’s going to be with us for a while.

So there you have it. Yet another weigh-in on HB2 from the “it’s all about the money” crowd, who we rely upon to crunch and compile the leading indicators of what goes into our Morality Index. Not.

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  1. Big Ed
    January 12, 10:51 Reply
    Hello; HB2 is not the problem. The ineptness of the Charlotte mayor and city council are the source of the problem. Charlotte decided to carry the HRC's water and pick a fight. In the process, Charlotte, far and away, bore the brunt of the HRC designed boycotts.
  2. Concerned
    January 15, 09:50 Reply
    Economics changed MTV from a revolutionary station that played hard rock videos around the clock, to a station that played top 40 videos, then to a station that stopped playing music almost completely. It was never about the music, but about the image that the advertisers wanted the station to portray. Now, opposition to HB2 is not about the transgender people, it is about the image that the money people want to push forward. They want to force every other business, school, probably even churches one day, to allow a man in a dress to walk into a ladies bathroom to do his business, because he feels like a woman on the inside. The whole silliness of it all is that there is no way to determine if said man actually does feel like a woman on the inside, just because he claims it. (Or woman who feels like a man, for that matter). It may be just a pervert who will say anything for a chance at a free peek at little girls or grown women. There is no way to tell one from the other. Oh, you will get the arguments that "I knew" from the time I was little, however, my great Uncle could very well make the same claim and who could ever prove him wrong? He could be just a dirty old man who decided to take advantage of the new rules they are trying to push on society. Let's keep the dirty old men (and young ones too) on the benches at the mall and out of the bathrooms.

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