Texas Lt. Gov. Fights Harder for HB2 Than NC Does

Texas Lt. Gov. Fights Harder for HB2 Than NC Does

While NC Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore ran scared from the LGBT gaystapo bullies and attempted to repeal House Bill 2 (the transgender bathroom check-your-plumbing law) in December, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is delivering a hearty defense of NC, HB2 and a similar bill he is running in his state.

It’s possible that Patrick is more aggressive in support of North Carolina, in the face of economic attacks from the likes of Human Rights Campaign, Bruce Springsteen and Deutsche Bank, than even solid supporter Dan Forest, our own Lt. Governor. Patrick has been outspoken in response to criticism of a Lone Star State version of HB2, as reported this week by The Texas Tribune:

“Every report of North Carolina shows that they have the second-strongest economy in the country or the second-best place to do business, the second best-place where executives want to move their companies to,” Patrick said in an interview with Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith. “It’s having no effect…”

…He disputed the idea that North Carolina’s bathroom bill recently led to the defeat of its governor, Pat McCrory, saying it was Lt. Gov. Dan Forest who championed the bill in the state’s legislature, while McCrory “sat on the sidelines until the very end.”

“If anyone should’ve lost an election, it was Dan Forest,” Patrick said. “He got more votes than anyone on the ticket.”…

…”Does anyone in here who has grandchildren, have a granddaughter who’s 8 or 9, want them to walk into a bathroom with a man?” Patrick asked (a) downtown Austin audience.

It is expected that Berger and Moore plan to run another repeal effort early in this year’s legislative session, betraying the NC voters who returned them to supermajorities. Does anyone reading this blog want to trade a couple of apparently neutered NC legislative leaders for a Texas political leader with significant fortitude?

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  1. mrdon
    January 14, 19:41 Reply
    i have to laugh, nc wanting the rights of transgenders and yet our black population needs jobs bad. Instead of fooling around with something the nc people are totally against how about try some things that would help the people of nc. To put this on front burner like its a dire plan to revive the state is laughable.
    • lou
      January 15, 08:36 Reply
      No it is the protection of out women and children. Do you think money is worth more than they are. We do not need sports and bands telling us to do the wrong thing, let them stay out of North Carolina and bring in good people.
    • Rattlerjake
      January 18, 15:37 Reply
      Whites in the south have been bending over backwards for 50 years trying to help blacks, but you cannot help those who will not help themselves. The black population does nothing but whine and snivel that everything is discrimination instead of actually trying to improve their future! It it weren't so, they would not be voting for the very people (libturds/demoncraps) who are keeping them in "chains". The whole bathroom issue is a fight to retain morality in our society and safety for our most vulnerable, women and children. But being a libturd moron, YOU moron, haven't got a clue what morals, or right and wrong are!
  2. grammywillfight
    January 14, 19:42 Reply
    Well lets ask him how he feels about moving to NC and replacing our two traitourous neutured jackass's.
  3. Martie
    January 14, 19:54 Reply
    I have been in law enforcement years ago, and I can tell you that we've had transgenders, gays, etc. incarcerated. Some liked both men and women. How can we protect our children by even taking a slight chance having them in a bathroom alone with a child? How would we know if a heterosexual man would dress up like a female so he can go into a women's bathroom. I don't understand how this Lt. Governor would keep pushing for HB2 unless it meant dollar signs for this idiot. I don't care if certain companies refuse to move here. There are only three percent transgenders in the United States. Since when can a minority rule the majority? This is all going to backfire as soon as a child is molested that might be one of his children or grandchildren. Better yet, maybe some of those people pushing this may have their own child molested. We cannot take a chance of that happening. I can assure you that there will be beatings and lawsuits if this thing passes. I have lived in North Carolina for many years and have never seen anything like this.
    • Scogill
      January 23, 13:56 Reply
      Well Marty, I basically agree with you. However, there are already many news stories that have children being assaulted in in bathrooms by males, specifically males in female bathrooms. We, as a society are so ignorant of real news and existing facts. Having said this, I know to get the real news, you can't turn on ABC, NBC, CBS or even CNN for that matter. You have to get independent news sources. I watch FOX and CNN generally, and even though FOX is #1 amongst news channels, they don't really even discuss it. I hope now that news will start to
  4. brad
    January 14, 20:04 Reply
    Our NC new Governor is an Obama Lackey I think this election was rigged. How did Trump take NC yet a Liberal Democrat beats our Republican Governor. Sounds fishy to me.
    • Rattlerjake
      January 18, 15:49 Reply
      Let's not overlook that the Lt.Gov., the NC house, and the NC senate easily stayed majority Republican. For those who don't know what happened, McCrory was way ahead and then at the last minute 90,000 ballots, mostly in favor of Cooper were found in Durham County which switched the lead considerably. And yet nothing threw up red flags! We've been had, just like the last eight years with Buttcrack the illegal Muslim usurper!
  5. Chris
    January 14, 20:13 Reply
    For heaven's sake, NC was put on the map, for once, for standing up to PC idolatry, and making a simple statement that your plumbing determines which bathroom you should choose. This is not hard. Why are you legislators falling apart like a $2.00 suitcase over this common sense bill that has caused Americans to take notice of NC? Berger, I am especially shocked at you. Do any of you read the Bible?
  6. Jerry
    January 14, 20:48 Reply
    Well I guess the NBA will have to stay out of Texas now along with PayPal IBM Coke and all the other liberal idiot . In fact why don't you liberal boys try doing all you business in blue states and leave us red states alone. Well do fine without the NBAand the NFL. We want to protect our young people and give them privacy. So. Please go play politics in the blue states and leave us alone.
  7. D.W.
    January 14, 21:14 Reply
    Would to trade two people that won't stand up for something right. But, are willing to go along with what's POLITICALLY CORRECT" for one that stands for right.
  8. GS
    January 15, 01:15 Reply
    I live in NC have been all my life. I am a Christan an do believe in the Bible an the laws an rules God put there for us. The HB2 bill is a sin, we have ladies rooms an gentlemens rooms use the dam bathroom that is your born gender. Do not open doors for all the preverts in the country to take advantage of your children male or female. There are transgender's, gays, in both sexes, bisexual etc. To open HB2 bill an make it legal gives the perverts a opportunity to get to Your child. Seperate bathrooms have been used for centuries, it is not right to change LAWS to suit a small few in society. What happen to majority rules, doesn't seem that way any more whatever is imorally wrong prevails, the Devil has taken over our country an We as a people are the only ones who can take it back. Get real an stand up for what is right an wrong, there is not nothing in between, what is right an moral is right, an wrong is wrong GET IT!!!!
    • Rattlerjake
      January 18, 15:42 Reply
      Hey DUMBASSSSSS! For being in NC that long you sure are ignorant of the laws! HB2 is a bill to PROTECT the women and children by NOT allowing those of male gender to use the female restrooms and visa versa. What is a sin is fools like you commenting without knowing what you are talking about! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! No wonder Cooper "won"!

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