Militant Gay Groups’ Assessment of McCrory Election Loss is Garbage

Since Gov. Pat McCrory lost to Roy Cooper on Election Day, the pro-homosexuality rights activists who invested heavily to take him down have predictably claimed credit, attributing his defeat to

Big Lurch Leftward for 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

When it comes to the expansion of the federal court, and preventing its overreach specifically via the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, it’s easy to see now how and

ACC Football Championship Has Lowest Attendance After Move From NC

Congratulations (*sarcasm*) to the member presidents/chancellors of the Atlantic Coast Conference, who in their infinite wisdom fueled by radical left-wing bias, voted in September to move their football championship (PHOTO: Creative

NC Media Loves KKK Stories to Use Against Trump

The media has developed an infatuation with the activities of the insignificant KKK, as the Wall Street Journal‘s Jason Riley explained a couple of weeks ago: Since when does a

NC Enviro Secretary Being Considered By Trump for EPA?

The Daily Caller reports today that Gov. Pat McCrory’s secretary for the Dept. of Environmental Quality, Don van der Vaart, is under serious consideration by President-Elect Trump to lead the

Rep. Foxx Wants to Dismantle Obama Education Legacy

Politico profiles Rep. Virginia Foxx (PHOTO: Politico) of western North Carolina, who is set to become chair of the House Education and the Workforce Committee: “I’m going to push to

Promises, Promises

Sen. Thom Tillis (PHOTO: CQ/Roll Call) says he won’t run again in 2020 if he can’t get “things like” criminal justice reform passed. He apparently thinks there are “crazies” in his

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