NBA Commish Ridiculously Illogical for Moving All-Star Game

NBA Commish Ridiculously Illogical for Moving All-Star Game

ESPN’s liberal race, sports and culture Web site The Undefeated interviewed NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for a Christmas Day article, and the subject of removing the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte — due to North Carolina’s House Bill 2 “bathroom bill” — came up.

In discussing the league’s approach to political expression, Silver said he does not look for opportunities to jump into politics and doesn’t like to “draw bright lines” when he does on behalf of the NBA. Illogically, an exception was made when he decided to move the All-Star Game from Charlotte to New Orleans next year:

“I hear fans loud and clear who say, ‘How is it that you do business in China when you move the All-Star Game out of North Carolina?’ ” he said. “Because there are not a lot of fundamental protections afforded Chinese citizens that are afforded to American citizens. And I … I don’t have a cut-and-dried response to that.

He doesn’t have a response because there is no excuse for it.

“One of my answers is, we are not engaged in any way of an economic boycott of North Carolina … 29 teams will travel to North Carolina this season and stay in their hotels and eat in their restaurants. Talk about authentic, I realize people could say, ‘If that’s the standard, you shouldn’t play a preseason game in China.’ The fact is, we think by bringing the NBA to China and exposing the Chinese people to the NBA … it’s net incredibly positive for us to be engaged in that activity. It wasn’t a net positive to continue the track we were on and playing our All-Star Game this season in Charlotte.”

Such a lie — if it’s not a “net positive” to play the All-Star Game in Charlotte because your “principles” dictate that society must cater to warped views about gender identity and bathroom use (which wouldn’t have affected how facilities are used in private endeavors anyway), then it’s not a “net positive” to conduct any activity in North Carolina. But adhering to those “values” would cause the league and its teams too much economic pain that they were unwilling to bear.

Meanwhile the despicable human rights violations under the auspices of the official Chinese government are validated by the NBA’s willingness to travel to the opposite side of the world and promote itself.

The North Carolina case also affected one of the league’s central values, Silver said.

“It’s those core principles which I believe transcend politics — principles like inclusion, respect, diversity,” integrating multiple ethnicities and cultures in a league that is 25 percent foreign-born, that makes Silver feel like the NBA is “a beacon for those principles.”

It is clear Silver never read HB2, or he simply wanted to demagogue it for political purposes. The law affects only the ability of declared “transgenders” to attempt to use the wrong public restroom or dressing facility with those of the opposite sex. It does not affect lesbians. It does not affect gays. It does not affect bisexuals. It does not affect “multiple ethnicities and cultures.” The Charlotte ordinance would have permitted men to be present in the same restrooms as women and little girls in whatever state of undress they desired, with full legal protections. HB2 solved that problem.

Time Warner Arena in Charlotte and the NBA could have implemented any restroom policies they wanted under HB2, had they kept the All-Star Game in NC next year. Instead they decided to play politics and/or cave in to the homosexual militants. Either motivation is contemptible.

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  1. Big Ed
    December 30, 08:39 Reply
    Silver is taking orders from the HRC. He cannot explain that to America because it would publically humiliate the HRC.

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