McCrory and Sgro Responsible for Unnecessary Legislative Fiasco

McCrory and Sgro Responsible for Unnecessary Legislative Fiasco

The failed special session to reconsider House Bill 2 for potential repeal was a waste of time and extremely costly to the taxpayers; to rank-and-file members who had to change holiday plans and miss work; and to Republican leadership, who look like fools in the eyes of their base for even attempting to capitulate to the whims of an adversary who had no intent in compromising.

Two political leaders should be singled out for special blame for this fiasco:

  1. Governor Pat McCrory, never a true believer in social issues and only a defender when it was politically expedient or necessary, blundered badly in calling legislators into special session. He could only know that such a session, even if repeal passed, would be extremely damaging to House and Senate members in the eyes of the conservative activist base. One has to wonder if this was payback against House and Senate Republicans who did not give him the exit severance and benefits he was looking for. He also wants his buddies left in secure positions in state government. It is a fact that he objected to the original special session that produced HB2 in the first place.
  2. Democrat State Rep. Chris Sgro, executive director of LGBT activist group Equality NC, who gave away the militant homosexuals’ complete playbook on MSNBC Tuesday night by saying that once HB2 is repealed, their activists would agitate for Charlotte-like amendments in cities and towns across the state. Besides the Charlotte City Council’s disingenuous incomplete “repeal” of their ordinance on Monday, which bred distrust among Republican lawmakers, Sgro’s buffoonish statements on TV took it to another level: That the war over public bathrooms in North Carolina was only beginning. Did he really expect Republicans to say, “Yeah, I’ll go for that?” He didn’t make Republicans steal the playbook, or accidentally leave it on a table somewhere for them to pick up; He read from it for all to hear.

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and others want to blame incoming Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper for pressuring Senate Democrats to vote against the repeal resolution. Sure, whatever. It was Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore who kept members around last night and all day Wednesday in an effort to pacify the intractable radical Left. If they haven’t learned by now, they obviously never will. They don’t belong in leadership but unfortunately the cowardly members won’t make any changes.

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