Gaystapo Commandant: We Will Go After All NC Metros and Towns

Gaystapo Commandant: We Will Go After All NC Metros and Towns

Equality NC’s executive director (and state Representative) Chris Sgro outlined the strategy for a potential post HB2 repeal, last night on MSNBC:

  1. “We have to repeal HB2…”
  2. “We needed a pro-equality governor in the state of North Carolina, and we have that…”
  3. “We’re going to need to win comprehensive non-discrimination protections, and unfortunately, we can’t do that, until House Bill 2 is repealed. Not just Charlotte, but Greensboro, Raleigh, Wilmington, and everywhere in between, can’t have the comprehensive non-discrimination protections that the state of North Carolina needs at the municipal or state level until HB2 is off the books, and that has to happen. It is an emergency that House Bill 2 be repealed for my community, here in this state.”

TRANSLATION: “You North Carolina Republican bigots need to totally capitulate to our deviant socially progressive policies. We don’t give a crap that it allows grown men to exhibition (or worse) in the presence of little girls in the privacy of public and business restrooms and dressing facilities, with full legal cover. Those little kids can just go to hell because our transgender people need to relieve themselves wherever they want, so their misguided and socially inappropriate feelings won’t get hurt.

“And after you bow down before us, we will run wild throughout the state of North Carolina to bully and intimidate every county, city and town to adopt our warped policies also. So get with the program!”

NC Senate and House Republicans, the ball is in your court. Will you surrender or stand strong?

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  1. Doug
    December 21, 11:52 Reply
    I guess they have not learned their lesson. It is very easy for the NCGA to just come back into session and pass the exact same bill again if the cities start to get out of line again.
    • Ladydocent
      December 21, 15:23 Reply
      That is true, Doug; but, we wouldn't have a governor willing to sign it.
    • lharp207
      January 10, 20:34 Reply
      I hope they never repeal it, if they want the support of North Carolinians!
  2. Tammy
    December 22, 06:14 Reply
    All we need is a GA willing to stand firm. This won't end well if they repeal it. I can see a dad or granddad standing guard outside a ladies room as he waits for his young daughter/granddaughter to come out & a man walks out before her. There'd be a big scene if I was in there & a man came in or worse I had my young grandchildren in there. Even worse if someone is in a changing room. This idea of let's walk all over everyone else's rights so we can cater to these special interest groups is ridiculous. So you're a LGBT person. Great. Live your life however you choose. That's your right. But you don't have the right to infringe on other's rights. If you're transgender & you haven't had "the operation" & you commit a crime, guess what jail you're going to no matter what gender you feel you are? If you're born with XY chromosomes, you're a man. Doesn't matter how you feel or what surgery you have. You're still a man. Same goes for those with XX chromosomes. You can't change your DNA.

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