Will Republican Legislative Leaders Betray Those Who Fought to Defend Them All Year?

Will Republican Legislative Leaders Betray Those Who Fought to Defend Them All Year?

Well, well, well. All that principled posturing on the part of NC House and Senate Republicans, standing by House Bill 2 all year long in defense of privacy and safety protections in public restrooms, may be meaningless if both chambers vote to repeal this week.

The justification for Gov. McCrory to call legislators back into session is because the Charlotte City Council repealed their ordinance that spurred state lawmakers to pass HB2 in April. The city order required both public facilities and private business owners to allow men in women’s restrooms and women in men’s restrooms if they claim to be “transgender.” I don’t know if and how Senate President Phil Berger is whipping votes, but Speaker Tim Moore was said to be pushing hard for the repeal with the House Republican Caucus.

Hence The Stupid Party strikes again.

GOP legislative leaders and the unquestioning, undiscerning sheep lawmakers that follow them are prepared to throw social conservative grassroots activists — who defended them all year on HB2 — under the bus. NC Values Coalition leader Tami Fitzgerald, Mark Creech of the Christian Action League of North Carolina, Charlotte pastor Rev. Mark Harris, and Rev. Patrick Wooden of Raleigh are among the faith leaders who formed the backbones of the Republican Party, to get them to pass common-sense privacy and safety protections in public potty and locker room facilities.

Fitzgerald in particular worked tirelessly to organize rallies and get out the vote to support lawmakers who stood strong on HB2. She praised them and Governor McCrory publicly for their stances, and spoke well of them in the media. Now they may betray her and the loyal faithful she leads, all so we can have sports championships in North Carolina again, cave in to LGBT terrorists, and give corporations reasons to continually blackmail our state over and over again. Oh, and also to hand new Governor Roy Cooper his first political victory and bail him out of the bind he otherwise would find himself in.

Even worse, legislative leaders are keeping Fitzgerald in the dark about their repeal plans — she found out about this week’s special legislative session in the newspapers, like most of the rest of us. What a cowardly and sleazy way to treat one of your top allies and warriors.

If the North Carolina General Assembly goes through with an HB2 repeal, you will see more ordinances like Charlotte’s pop up in other liberal-dominated metropolises in the state, like Asheville, Boone, Chapel Hill, Greensboro and others. It could even come back in Charlotte again. The Left’s “Let’s Make A Deal,” which could have been consummated months ago, will instead be Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown, over and over. And the Republican lawmakers will be back at square one.

There should be a (figurative) bloodbath in the legislative Republican primaries should they repeal HB2. Stupidity and cowardice should not be rewarded.

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  1. Picadilly Square
    December 20, 21:10 Reply
    There are aspects of this piece are fanciful. Some people were useless to many of the candidates in the election. Secondly most reps found out from their staff Monday aft.
  2. James
    December 21, 07:26 Reply
    While they are there, they need to #PackTheCourt with 2 more Republican judges also!
    • Doug
      December 21, 10:31 Reply
      Not only that....if they are going to repeal HB 2 they should attach the court packing bill to it. It would be fun to watch the fireworks if that happened.
  3. bigalsouth
    December 21, 10:19 Reply
    The only way this makes sense is if the GOP tabled repeal of HB2 and then voted to pack the Supreme Court with 2 judges. Head fake, and . . . head fake!
  4. HerecometheJudge
    January 15, 00:29 Reply
    HB2 has got to go because they attached things to it that should never have been there, even though I support keeping men out of female bathrooms, transgender or not. This is what happens when the republicans over reach, we all lose.

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