NC State Alumnus Blasts Woodson Over Hidden ACC Vote

NC State Alumnus Blasts Woodson Over Hidden ACC Vote

This is Part Three in a series. Read Part One of this series here. Read Part Two here. Read Part Four here.

After Chancellors Carol Folt and Randy Woodson voted on the ACC’s decision to remove championships from North Carolina over House Bill 2, communications officials at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University created press releases that stated the obvious, but revealed nothing about how their chancellors voted.

That wasn’t good enough for some of the universities’ donors. According to email correspondence from UNC Vice President for Development David Routh, supporters were “pushing” him to reveal how Folt voted on the decision, in which the head of each ACC member university had a ballot. None of the donors got the answer they wanted, apparently (at least it was not revealed in any records supplied to The Chesser Files, as requested from the universities).

As for NC State, at least one alumnus demanded transparency about how Woodson voted, but never got a straight answer.

USAF Major (Retired) Ken Stallings

USAF Major (Retired) Ken Stallings

The alumnus was retired Air Force Major Ken Stallings, who graduated from NC State in 1985, according to a lengthy email he sent to Woodson. The tone of Stallings’s message is one of indignation, surprise and confusion, after referring to a meeting he had with Woodson at a 2010 bowl game in which he perceived the chancellor was “down to earth:”

This simply adds to my shock given recent actions that the ACC took. You made statements to the press that at least initially indicated you supported the ACC’s decision, and then made statements much later in the evening where you seemed to say there was no unanimous agreement on the ACC’s actions. So, I think the public has a right to know where you stand.

Stallings reminded Woodson about the position he holds representing a publicly-funded institution:

You do not own NC State University. You are a public servant sitting as a steward of a very important position of responsibility. Since NC State is a public university, and my alma mater, I believe we have a manifest right to know the truth. This initial stance to hide that truth only seems to apply to preventing us from knowing who voiced disagreement with the ACC’s actions, since the Duke president has already make it clear he voted for it.

In contrast to the positions UNC and NC State have taken, which claims the votes of Folt and Woodson are “confidential,” Duke University told The News & Observer almost immediately that President Richard Brodhead voted for the ACC to move the 12 championship games out of North Carolina. This left Stallings perplexed, as he challenged Woodson in his email:

Why does one side in this argument get to know who supports their views while the other side, whom I think have plenty of powerful arguments in their favor, get the silent treatment? Where is the fairness and honor in that?

…Having read your endorsement of this action, I was infuriated. How dare you actively work to undermine the financial interests of the very state who’s (sic) people finance your own compensation? What madness!

Stallings assumed from a quote by Woodson in an earlier report by The N&O, apparently removed, which indicated Woodson supported the ACC’s decision. He continued based upon what Woodson told him was a mistaken presumption:

The liberal media, particularly ESPN, has steered a very left wing narrative on HB2…I have read the law in its entirety. It specifically carves out an accommodation for transgender people and only applies to public bathrooms at government buildings and public schools. One has to engage in tortured illogic to perceive where HB2 tries to legalize discrimination…

Are we seriously supposed to infer that the establishment of male and female bathrooms and shower and dressing facilities are somehow a violation of human liberties? What utter nonsense to assert!

Stallings further explained the specifics of the law, then challenged Woodson again about where he stood on the ACC decision:

Are you seriously going to argue that a father who respects gender modesty by standing outside a women’s public restroom currently used by his young daughter, must then silently endure another man claiming transient “gender self-identity as a woman,” barge in on that same bathroom while his daughter is in there? If you Chancellor Woodson want to make that argument, then stand up and proudly make it…

If that’s not your goal, and I certainly hope it is not, then you owe us alumni of NC State a very clear and immediate clarification on precisely where you stand while representing our university…

I cannot and will not financially support an institution that has declared war on traditional morality and values, such as this decision by the ACC has done, with it seems your validation. Therefore, I have immediately ended my membership in the Wolfpack Club.

Next: Randy Woodson responds, and are the votes of Folt and Woodson legitimately “confidential?”

This is Part Three in a series. Read Part One of this series here. Read Part Two here. Read Part Four here.

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  1. AgentPierce
    December 19, 08:54 Reply
    Excellent reporting Mr Chesser. I forwarded this to an NCSU alum acquaintance who claims to be a member of "Bully" Barber's inner circle (hardly a braggable claim ??). He harumphed it... as I knew he would. Adding immensely to the impact of the column. Keep up the good work .... and Happy Electoral College Day !!
  2. Doug
    December 19, 10:50 Reply
    The answer is clear. These chancellors know that almost everyone outside Durham, Chapel Hell, and Carrboro supported HB2 and saw it as a common sense way to keep the dudes out of women's restroom. They know there would be huge backlash if their vote were public. The solution: The funds to NCSU and UNC-Chapel Hill need to be stopped. Once donors stop giving and the schools are punished enough, then the truth will come out...and hopefully those two would be fired.
  3. luxlibertas
    December 20, 16:49 Reply
    I'm about ready to return my diploma to UNC-CH. It has become a cesspool - a term I thought I would never use to describe it. I am appalled by disclosures that continue to pour forth from Orange County. Those of us who attended UNC always knew that sports stars received special treatment, but we never imagined that the corruption was as wide and as deep as it seems now to be, accepting it as the price for pride in our school. Revelations now situation smear Dean Smith and Roy Williams most of all, perhaps, because there can be no plausible deniability. If they did not know of the violations, they most certainly should have made it their business to ensure that their athletes were not receiving the kinds of unethical support that now is apparent they received over decades. Who can value their diploma - even though hard earned - when those professional athletes were given like ones? Now the BS about political correctness and institutional support for agendas and lifestyles that the majority of Tar Heels find repugnant compounds the stench. It's time for this drift (or is it a headlong rush?) away from values held by the majority of North Carolinians to be stopped in its tracks. Many years ago Terry Sanford destroyed the Dixie Classic because of excesses by athletes involved in point shaving. Many of us moaned and groaned about the liberal, leftist affront to a nascent national basketball powerhouse and the loss of a classic basketball tournament. Now it seems the leftist liberal cohort have completely co-opted the venerable institution. The NC Legislature should intervene and clean house at all publicly supported institutions of higher learning. The kind of lunatic liberalism that opens restrooms and locker rooms to perverse and degenerate devotees, trumpeting their plight and ceding rights to that ilk at cost to the rights of the 95+% of Tar Heels must not be tolerated.

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