I Agree With Pete Kaliner

I Agree With Pete Kaliner

Now that Gov. McCrory has conceded the race and Roy Cooper, the Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC have “caught the bus,” Asheville talk radio host Pete Kaliner says they have boxed themselves in by all the economic sanctions they brought to bear on North Carolina.

By refusing to agree to compromise with McCrory and the Republican-led General Assembly the past year, in order to use the issue to get their candidate elected, they have left themselves no options to move forward with a politically successful Cooper as governor. For example:

Let’s say the General Assembly produces a compromise bill. And let’s even assume it passes with Democratic support (like HB2 did).

Will Gov. Cooper sign it?

If he does, he’d enrage the very HRC-corporate backers that bought him the office. The HRC and Equality NC rejected any and all compromises when they pushed the ordinance through the Charlotte City Council.

They also rejected the GOP compromise deal because it did not open bathrooms to transgenders.

In their view, it’s full repeal or nothing. (This assumes, of course, that these groups were not lying earlier in the debate.)

If Cooper signs a deal, he risks losing the millions of dollars in donations these special interests poured into his campaign.

This is only one point of many that Kaliner makes that show Cooper and the militant gay pressure groups have no where to turn, other than possibly the courts, to escape the political prison they’ve built for themselves in the Tar Heel State:

If the ACC, NCAA, NBA, and all the other businesses and rock stars who pulled out of North Carolina abandon their sanctions, they will be exposed as the partisan blackmailers many had long suspected they were.

Not that any of NC’s legacy media would do that exposing…

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