ACC Football Championship Has Lowest Attendance After Move From NC

ACC Football Championship Has Lowest Attendance After Move From NC

Congratulations (*sarcasm*) to the member presidents/chancellors of the Atlantic Coast Conference, who in their infinite wisdom fueled by radical left-wing bias, voted in September to move their football championship (PHOTO: Creative Commons) from Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte to Camping World Stadium in Orlando.

The reason: North Carolina’s enactment of House Bill 2, otherwise known as the “transgender bathroom bill.”

The result: the lowest attendance in the history of the championship (although Wikipedia shows the 2009 game in Tampa was lower). From the Charleston Post & Courier:

With Orlando far less a convenient location for Clemson and Virginia Tech fans, ticket prices plummeted on the secondhand market. About a hundred of Clemson’s allotment of tickets went unsold, according to a school spokesperson, and those tickets were distributed to families in the area.

At kickoff Saturday night, the lower bowl of 70,000-seat Camping World Stadium was mostly full, with fans in Clemson orange holding a bit of a numbers edge over Virginia Tech maroon. But the upper decks were sparsely populated, and official attendance was announced as 50,628, the lowest total in the ACC Championship’s 12-game history.

Multiple reports (here is one of them) indicated the league was offering free admission to Disney employees; a league spokesperson disputed the volume that was being reported (“tens of thousands,” according to one account) but acknowledged the ACC was giving out free tickets to Orlando business partners.

You have to work really hard to keep Clemson fans from using up their ticket allotments, but the ACC succeeded. As the Greenville News reported in late September:

The ACC’s decision required more than an adjustment for Taylors, SC resident Michelle Bowyer. It required a cancellation.

Bowyer purchased two tickets for the title game in Charlotte but most likely will not attend the game in Orlando “due to the extra travel expense.”

“I was excited to attend this event for the first time,” said Bowyer, who missed Clemson’s previous three appearances in the ACC title game, including the win against the University of North Carolina last year.

“I am disappointed,” Bowyer said. “I really enjoy the city of Charlotte and spend a great deal of time there. It will be a great loss to the local economy.”

Of course, if the game was in Charlotte under HB2, whether Bowyer identified as a man or a woman, he/she could have visited any restroom he/she wanted, because the law allows private businesses to determine their potty policies. But that mattered not to ACC member chancellors like NC State’s Randy Woodson and UNC’s Carol Folt, who refuse to publicly proclaim how they voted on the decision.

Game attendance on Saturday was about 2/3 what it was in 2011 in Charlotte, the last time Clemson and Virginia Tech faced off in the ACC Championship.

But transgender bathroom policies for facilities that don’t affect the games supersede where the contests are played.

Way to go ACC, Woodson and Folt!

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  1. James
    December 05, 18:10 Reply
    Serves them right for the hypocritical decision to move the games in the 1st place
  2. Doc
    December 06, 00:01 Reply
    First they punish the city of Charlotte that probably voted with the sexually disoriented. Now they're punishing the fans of schools outside the state. Brilliant!
  3. Myowngrandpaw
    December 06, 03:20 Reply
    The bigger loss was the NCAA Womens Soccer final 4. Moving it from Cary cost the NCAA a guaranteed sellout as the womens CASL Showcase was tied into NCAA tickets. Instead of showcasing womens soccer with a local triangle team UNC, the NCAA buried womens soccer. So the NCAA basically adversely affected the promotion of womens soccer. You cannot get it back.
  4. Ken in Raleigh
    December 06, 09:33 Reply
    Since the ACC moved the game out of North Carolina, I boycotted watching it on TV. I don't know who the sponsors were and don't care. THEY should have pulled their sponsorship and told the ACC that it should stay out of local politics and keep the game in Charlotte.
    • Disciple
      December 09, 16:07 Reply
      Way to go. I did the same thing, hoping that others do the same!
  5. Kirk D. Smith
    December 08, 10:09 Reply
    Get use to it folks! This is the result of the GAYSTAPO and their minions who march to perversion at all costs.
  6. Disciple
    December 09, 16:06 Reply
    I know I decided not to attend any more games in the ACC, once they made that decision to bow to the intolerant LGBT militia with their heterophobic bigotry.
  7. Texsailor
    December 11, 21:48 Reply
    The radical left have done it again! Forced their agenda ..... There Will Be an accounting that will require an answer. Guaranteed! Repeal of HB-2 will most assuredly turn around and bite them......Where the Sun don't shine!!

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