Rep. Iler: Our Long HB2 Nuisance Will Return

After Governor McCrory, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, and House Speaker Tim Moore dragged us through days-worth of unnecessary squabbling over the House Bill 2 the week before Christmas,

NBA Commish Ridiculously Illogical for Moving All-Star Game

ESPN’s liberal race, sports and culture Web site The Undefeated interviewed NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for a Christmas Day article, and the subject of removing the 2017 All-Star Game from

McCrory and Sgro Responsible for Unnecessary Legislative Fiasco

The failed special session to reconsider House Bill 2 for potential repeal was a waste of time and extremely costly to the taxpayers; to rank-and-file members who had to change

Gaystapo Commandant: We Will Go After All NC Metros and Towns

Equality NC’s executive director (and state Representative) Chris Sgro outlined the strategy for a potential post HB2 repeal, last night on MSNBC: “We have to repeal HB2…” “We needed a

Will Republican Legislative Leaders Betray Those Who Fought to Defend Them All Year?

Well, well, well. All that principled posturing on the part of NC House and Senate Republicans, standing by House Bill 2 all year long in defense of privacy and safety

NC State Alumnus Blasts Woodson Over Hidden ACC Vote

This is Part Three in a series. Read Part One of this series here. Read Part Two here. Read Part Four here. After Chancellors Carol Folt and Randy Woodson voted on

NC State PR Flacks Were Concerned About Appearing to Support HB2

This is Part Two in a series. Read Part One here. Read Part Three here. Read Part Four here. As top level officials and the communications teams at University of North Carolina at

More on the (Lack of) KKK in NC

Since the election of Donald Trump, but before the official defeat of Gov. Pat McCrory, the media/Left cabal have been playing up the fraudulent (yes, call it “fake news”) rise

UNC, NC State Chancellors Snub Public, Donors About ACC Vote

This is Part One in a series. Read Part Two here. Read Part Three here. Read Part Four here. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt and North Carolina State University Chancellor

I Agree With Pete Kaliner

Now that Gov. McCrory has conceded the race and Roy Cooper, the Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC have “caught the bus,” Asheville talk radio host Pete Kaliner says they

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