WRAL Doesn’t Disclose Political Contributions by Jim Goodmon in Debate

WRAL Doesn’t Disclose Political Contributions by Jim Goodmon in Debate

The governor’s debate last night on WRAL between incumbent Republican Pat McCrory and Democrat challenger Roy Cooper produced no extended liberal attack from moderators David Crabtree and Laura Leslie.

You could say Laura was the equivalent of a potted plant. David appeared to overcompensate at times to prove he wasn’t just a lap dog of his liberal boss, Jim Goodmon. Watch him make Cooper yammer about inconsistencies in his tax positions.

So regarding the warning that WRAL would not play fair in the debate, because of Goodmon’s (and his family’s) max donations to Cooper’s campaign, well…The Chesser Files declares a partial victory. By forewarning about the reporters’ bias and uncovering the contributions in press releases and on social media, Leslie and Crabtree could never have gotten away with the lines of questioning they would have liked. Heck, Laura had put it out on Facebook to all her leftist pals “what should I ask” at the debate. Nothing appeared to come of it.

But that doesn’t absolve WRAL of its responsibility to disclose Goodmon’s donations — and not just during the debate, but throughout the remainder of the election season, and beyond.

Beyond the $32,700 that the Goodmon family has contributed to Cooper for this cycle, there are several other Democrat candidates that WRAL reports about regularly who have benefitted from Goodmon cash:


To sum up, from the above chart culled from the State Board of Elections: That’s $5,000 for Democrat State Treasurer candidate Dan Blue III; $22,400 for Democrat Attorney General candidate Josh Stein; $10,100 for Democrat Lt. Governor candidate Linda Coleman; and thousands of dollars more for various Democrat legislative candidates. And those are just state races.

As for federal candidates, as reported last week by The Chesser Files, during the 2015-2016 cycle Jim Goodmon has contributed $2,700 to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. He and his wife Barbara have given $10,800 to Democrat Deborah Ross’s U.S. Senate race. And Jim gave $5,400 to Democrat Rep. G.K. Butterfield.

And prior to this election cycle, the Goodmons have a long history of contributing to the Democratic Party and its candidates – well into six figures. The Center for Responsive Politics is the source of this information.

So, as you see, it’s not just about Roy Cooper. The Goodmons have contributed to the Democrats in North Carolina’s other most important races this year: U.S. Senate, Congress, Attorney General, and Lt. Governor. And WRAL, recognized in the state as the television station that dedicates the most resources to political coverage, reports on all those races in its broadcasts and on its Web site.

There is no doubt that Goodmon has set up the station as his own little propaganda arm with a reportorial slant, dolled up around the fringes with human interest stories, local sports coverage, and Greg the Whimsical Local Weather Guy. At the same time Goodmon has aggressively implemented consistent “Capitol Broadcasting Company” house editorials that frequently appear at the top of WRAL’s Web page (what other local TV station does that?); Sent Greg Fishel on trips far and wide, even to Alaska, in search of evidence for global warming (what other local TV station spends money to do that?); and set up a “promise tracker” to hold the Governor accountable only when a Republican finally got elected (what other local TV station does that?).

Nonetheless WRAL wants the public to think they adhere to a journalistic integrity in which they report fairly and ethically. If that was true, they would disclose the Goodmons’ political contributions to every political candidate or official that they report about, but they fail to do so.

That failure was especially irresponsible in the governor’s debate.

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